Group Study

 study group is a small group of people who regularly meet to discuss shared fields of study. Group Study is fairly easy to understand the importance of group study. Firstly, studying along with their friends helps them to gain more knowledge. Because every individual has a unique pattern of catching the points, group study is more beneficial to share knowledge. Besides, it will help others to aware about all the aspects of that particular topic. Secondly, when we study in a group it is easy to find solutions for our problems. This is because we can clear our doubts with others those who are more intelligent at that time itself. So it improves the depth of our knowledge. Also, we can identify our weakness and with the help of our friends we can boost our weakness. Furthermore, studying along with others rather than individual study motivates us.  This helps to excel our talents. Thus it paves the way to increase our attitude.Another important benefit of studying in a group is that it can improve our memory. For instance, if we study any procedure or principle relating with our friends or by making small fun with them, it helps to remain for a long time.