PTE academic is a computer based English test for overseas edification and colonization. It is the 3 hours absolute online test. Computer based marking ensures all test takers are scored without bias and accurately.

PTE is authorized by the Australia Border Agency and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship for visa applications. PTE Academic offers flexible testing locations, with test centers in more than 50+ countries worldwide.

PTE Academic is accredited, by thousands of Universities and institutes worldwide, including Harvard Business School and many more. It is one multi-level test.

Key features

  •  3 hours complete online test.
  •  Test can be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
  •  Results are within 5 business days.
  •  No extra cost for sending scores to the universities and colleges.
  •  There is no difference between general and academic.
  •  Accepted by colleges and universities of Australia, New-Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, and Germany.
  •  Approved for all Australian and New-Zealand visa and migration Applications.
  •  The test includes 4 sections: Speaking, writing, reading, listening.

During the PTE academic there are 3 main sections: Speaking and writing (together), reading and listening in a single 3 hour session. In the test computer and headset is used to listen, to read and respond to questions.

PTE Academic determines real-life English, so you will hear assortment of accents during the test, from British English to American accent to non-native speakers. So you will be exposed to the different type of speech that you confront in day-to- day life.

PTE English requires you to write responses using correct grammar and spelling.

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

(77 – 93 minutes)

  •  Read aloud
  •  Repeat sentence
  •  Describe image
  •  Re-tell lecture
  •  Answer short question
  •  Summarize written text
  •  Essay (20 minutes)

Part 2: Reading

(32 – 41 minutes)

  •  Reading fill-ups
  •  Multiple choice questions, single answer
  •  Re-order paragraphs
  •  Reading and writing fill-ups
  •  Multiple choice questions, multiple answer

Part 3: Listening

(45 – 57 minutes)

  •  Summarize spoken text
  •  Multiple choice questions, single answer
  •  Fill in the blanks
  •  Highlight the correct summary
  •  Multiple choice questions, multiple answer
  •  Missing word
  •  Highlight incorrect words
  •  Dictation